Imam Khomeini promoted culture
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نوشته شده در تاریخ 29 اردیبهشت 1394 توسط گمنام

Millions of Mourners Marking Ashura Worldwide

These message highlight the real philosophy behind the historic and divine event of Ashura. 

Imam Khomeini the world religious and spiritual leader said at one of occasions in this regard as following:

“The Imam Hussein (PBUH) intention was to enjoin the good and forbid the evil. All deviations are due to the sins that are carried out and apart from the straight path of unity (of God) everything must see how the Imam (as) lived, understand his uprising and what he intended to do when he forbade the evil. One of his intentions was to defeat the corrupt rulers.”

Imam Khomeini said one of the objectives pursued by the grandson of the holy prophet of Islam was establishing a government and administration of good and pious people.  

 “The Master of Martyrs (as) sacrificed his life and his children. He sacrificed everything even though he knew what would happen. If one reads his sayings when he left Medina and in Mecca and when he left Mecca, one realizes that he knew very well what was awaiting him. Imam Hussein (PBUH) did not come to just see through a series of events, no, he came to take the government in his hands, and this is something to be proud of. This is because the government should be in the hands of someone who is like the Master of Martyrs (PBUH), or like his followers...”

The tyrant rulers from Umayyad dynasty had put Islam in danger due to their atheistic behavior and hostile actions towards Islam.

“The fact that the Master of Martyrs left Mecca at a time when pilgrims were coming to Mecca, shows that his uprising was a great political uprising. It was an Islamic-political uprising because the Imam (PBUH) was thinking of Islam and the Muslims, and of defeating the Umayyad dynasty. If it was not for this uprising, Islam would have been obliterated...”  

According to Imam Khomeini, the grandson of the holy prophet relieved Islam from clutches of dictators and evil rulers who were distorting the genuine teachings of divine religion.

“He was thinking of Islam and the Muslims and he did what he did, so that as a result of his jihad and sacrifice, in the future Islam would spread among people……else is evil. This evil and these sins must be obliterated.”

The founder of the Islamic Republic said that the pure teachings of Islam can be revived and kept alive by promoting the legacy of Imam Hussein (PBUH) and keeping alive the culture of Ashura for generations to come. The culture of Ashura will also prevent the human societies from falling into pits of social and moral decline.

Millions of mourners across the globe are commemorating Ashura, the tenth day of the lunar month of Muharram, on which the third Shia Imam, Imam Hussein (PBUH), and his companions were martyred in an unequal battle.

Black-clad mourners are taking to the streets and mosques in different parts of the world, including Iran, to honor the day, which marks a height of mourning ceremonies in Muharram.

Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and 72 of his loyal companions, were martyred on Ashura in the battle of Karbala against the second Umayyad caliph, Yazid I, more than 14 centuries ago. Imam Hussein was killed after he refused to pledge allegiance to the tyrant ruler.

The mourning services have been in place worldwide since the beginning of Muharram.

The annual Muharram ceremonies, which have been performed for many centuries, symbolize the eternal and unwavering stance of truth against falsehood and humanity’s struggle against injustice, tyranny and oppression, the cause for which Imam Hussein was martyred.


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نوشته شده در تاریخ 29 اردیبهشت 1394 توسط گمنام

Imam Khomeini Underscored Preserving of Ashura Legacy

The great Imam also called on the masses and scholars to take serious intellectual efforts to comprehend and promote the real philosophy behind the tragic event of Ashura.


Imam Khomeini insisted that the mourning ceremonies should be used to promote the genuine and pure teachings of Islam as conveyed by the holy prophet of Islam and his infallible successors.

The founder of the Islamic Republic explained the philosophy behind Imam Hussein's (peace be upon him) uprising which was to take a stance against aggression and tyranny. The grandson of the holy prophet also wanted to install and promote the Islamic principle of commanding for good and forbidding from evil.

Imam Khomeini in his historical speech on the eve of Muharram highlights the objectives achieved by the uprising of His Holiness, the Doyen of the Martyrs (‘a).


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


His Holiness the Doyen of the Martyrs taught all of us what we must do in the face of oppression, in the face of injustice; in the face of tyrannical rulers. Despite, he knew ahead of time that the path he was treading was a path on which he must sacrifice all his companions, his family and sacrifice much-loved individuals for the sake of Islam and he knew of its aftermath. If this movement was not present—the movement of Husayn (‘a)—Yazīd and his followers would have been shown the abrogated image of Islam abrogated in a different light to the people. From the beginning, they had no faith in Islam, were envious, and despised the saints of Islam. In addition to defeating them with this sacrifice, after a while the Doyen of the Martyrs made the people to realize what a tragedy and what a sorrow had befallen them. Moreover, this same sorrow resulted in the decline of the Umayyad dynasty. In addition, he taught in the course of history that this was the true path. Do not be afraid of the numerical superiority; numbers are not important; it is the quality—the quality of the sacred struggle—it is that which does the job. It is possible that the individuals are many in numbers but in terms of quality, they are flawed or hollow. It is also possible that the individuals may be few in numbers but potent and honorable in terms of quality…

What is our duty on the eve of the month of Muharram al-Harām? What are the duties of the eminent theologians and the revered clergy? What are the duties of the rest of the strata of the nation in this month of Muharram? The Doyen of the Martyrs, his companions and household have taught the duties: sacrifice in the battlefield and propagation outside the battlefield. To the same extent that the sacrifice of His Holiness is valued in the presence of the Blessed and Almighty God; and has helped to move forward the movement of Husayn (s), the sermons of His Holiness Sajjād and Her Holiness Zaynab also have been effective to the same extent or almost to the same extent.

They taught us that opposite the tyrant, opposite a tyrannical rule, the women must not be afraid, the men must not fear. Her Holiness Zaynab confronted Yazīd; Her Holiness Zaynab (s) stood up and humiliated him in a manner that the Umayyad had not been humiliated before in that fashion. The speeches that they delivered on the way, in Kūfah and Damascus and the sermon that His Holiness Sajjād (‘a) delivered and made it evident that the issue was not one of confrontation of wrong with right; meaning that they had been misrepresented. They wanted to introduce the Doyen of the Martyrs as a person that was resisting the rulers of the time—the Caliph of the Prophet of God. His Holiness Sajjād revealed the truth at a gathering and so did Her Holiness Zaynab…

All the speakers must pay attention to this and we should all be focused on this objective that if the uprising of His Holiness, the Doyen of the Martyrs (‘a) was not existed, today, we, too could not have been victorious. All this unity of expression, which was the source of our victory, was because of these mourning and grieving ceremonies and these propagation gatherings grounded for the promotion of Islam. The Doyen of the oppressed made available the means for our nation that without being an inconvenience for the nation, the people congregate. Islam has made the mosques to be trenches and they became a means for the nation so that from these very mosques, from these very congregations, from these very gatherings, from these very Fridays and social gatherings, all the affairs that would move Islam forward and carrying out of the uprising were facilitated. From his actions, the Doyen of the Martyrs has especially taught us that what should be the position on the battlefield and what should be the position outside the battlefield; and how must those who are armed combatants should engage in combat; and how those, who are providing backing for the frontlines, engage in preaching and publicizing. The way and mode of the struggle in the sense that how one should engage in combat as a smaller group versus a large gathering; The mode and the way may be adopted for the uprising with a limited number against an oppressive regime that has a hold everywhere. His Holiness, the Doyen of the Martyrs, his honorable household and his noble offspring taught us and nation these matters and what must be done after the occurrence of such tragedy. Should a person surrender? Should one compromise while engaged in holy struggle? Alternatively, stand should be taken in similar way of Zaynab (s) as subsequent to the great tragedy of such kind that “tragedies appear insignificant before it” resisted and confronted the faithless and spoke against the hypocrisy. She spoke on the issue wherever it was possible for her and so did His Holiness ‘Alī ibn Husayn (‘a) despite his indisposition that he did preach in a preeminent way…

You all the clergymen that are in the country have a duty to safeguard this blessing of God, this Divine gift and be grateful for it, and show their gratitude by propagating it. What the Doyen of the Martyrs carried out, the ideology that he had, the path that he traversed, and the victory that he attained for Islam after martyrdom, should be made clear for the people. They should all be made to understand that sacred struggle in the path of Islam is what he had done. He knew that he could not confront such a tyrant who possessed everything in the material sense with a small group numbering less than a hundred persons but he knew that it was the martyrdom that made Islam victorious and revived it…

Gentlemen, you must propagate! It is the month of Muharram. Keep this Muharram alive. Whatever that we have is from this Muharram and these gatherings. Our propagation gatherings are also from Muharram; from the slaying of the Doyen of the Martyrs and his martyrdom. We must approach to the depth of this martyrdom and pay attention to its impact in the world and emphasize that his influence pervades even today. If these eulogizing meetings, sermonizing, mourning, and grieving gatherings were not present, our country would not have triumphed. All revolted under the banner of Imām Husayn—may God’s peace be upon him. Now also you are witnessing that all of them are enthused at the frontline for the love of Imām Hussayn whenever they show them at the frontlines. Honorable propagators, the eminent theologians and the respected sermonizers must determine the issues of the day including the political, social issues and the duty of the people at such a time when we are faced with so many enemies in the gatherings that are organized during the months of Muharram and Safar and the rest of the times. They must make the people to understand that we are in the middle of the way and we must, God willing, traverse the path until the end of the way. If we move ahead with the order that has existed so far, we shall ultimately attain total victory. Our country and its people have by the grace of God, been ready with this order. However, we must not become lethargic…


May God’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you!

Morning, October 17, 1982 [Mehr 25, 1361 AHS / Dhūl-Hijjah 29, 1402 AH]

From Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol. 17, pp. 48-56


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نوشته شده در تاریخ 29 اردیبهشت 1394 توسط گمنام

Imam Khomeini promoted culture and message of Ashura

The believers were always recommended by Imam Khomeini to pave the way of Imam Hossein (PBUH) and Ashura throughout their lives.  The contemporary figure maintained that acting upon message of Ashrua would prevent societies from falling into moral and social decline.

Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic used to frequently emphasize on significance of reviving the culture of Ashura and genuine message as delivered by the grandson of the holy prophet of Islam, Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).

Imam Khomeini said it were the months of Moharram and Safar which have revived the genuine teachings of Islam throughout the history: “The months of Moharram and Saffar have kept Islam alive.”

The great leader of the Muslim world used to regularly participate in the mourning ceremonies which were held in memorial of the sufferings of the household members of the honorable prophet during this period.

The spiritual leader of the world also advised all preachers to spread real, rational and genuine teachings, as promoted by the holy prophet and his infallible successors, from the tribune during these days.

Imam Khomeini frequently maintained that the Islamic Revolution had been inspired by the culture of Ashura and has had deep roots in the pure legacy of Islam.

Imam’s historical message for the Islamic Revolution was manifested itself in the slogan of “the blood’s triumph over the sword.”

According to Imam Khomeini, The martyrdom of Imam Hussein (PBUH) along with his faithful companions on the 10th of Muharram 61 AH, created one of the most heart-breaking scenes. The Ashura movement also brought on the course of human history such a great spiritual and moral change whose profound impact after several centuries is still being felt.

The grandson of the holy prophet of Islam rose up against the corruption of the corrupt rulers who claimed to be the caliph of Muslims at that time and had caused a decline in religion by distorting the pure tenets of Islam and a denial of the divine revelation. Those rulers were resorting to the rituals of age of Jahiliyah (ignorance).

The most significant achievements of Imam Hussein’s martyrdom are: separating truth from falsehood; revealing the ill-nature of the successors to the caliphate; and demonstrating the real face of Islam and its pure and genuine teachings.

As mentioned by great Imam Khomeini, the Islamic Revolution is a continuation and a precious legacy of pure Islam and the inspiring event of Ashura.


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